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Excellence, quality control and certification




In order to ensure the quality of our products, we have our own laboratory where the key-products of the whole manufacturing process (from raw materials to the final product) are analysed, in order the make sure they all meet the required standards.
Every batch produced is subject to quality control and part of a pre-designed plan of chemical and microbiological analyses.









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iso 9001 iso 22000  VER certificado halalcertificado kosher


In our vinegar production sector, we ensure the quality of our raw materials (wines and fermented products) through sensorial and organoleptic analyses. During the whole process, the acidity level, waste alcohol and dry extracts are all subject to quality control through appropriate laboratory procedures and precision equipment.
To produce our sauces we need to have rigorous quality control over the manufacturing process and the final product (the PH level, consistency, the Brix value, chlorides and the microbiological load), in order to ensure the quality of the products until their expiration date.