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Cider Vinegar PALADIN


(500ml plastic bottle)



Cider vinegar is a product with numerous health benefits that is made from the cider that comes from apples. The apple itself is a kind of fruit with lots of health benefits.

A spoonful of vinegar contains just 1mg Calcium, whereas a spoonful of milk contains 20mg. However, there are people whose stomach cannot produce the necessary amount of acid; vinegar is good because its acidity level allows for the absorbtion of Calcium and other minerals.


It is also important to stress that despite its acidity level, vinegar has an alkaliser effect on the human organism: organic acids like those of vinegar are weaker than gastric acids, but they help creating an acid environment that favours protein digestion.


Thus, it is advisable that people  - especially those who are 60 years old and generally don't produce the necessary amount of stomach acids - drink at least a glass of water with two teaspoons of vinegar a day, before meals.

It is a useful health tip that helps prevent diseases caused by lack of Potassium, Calcium, Sodium, Magnesium or Phosphorus.


Furthermore, cider vinegar also helps the absorbtion of fat and vitamins A and E, while also enabling bile and pancreatic enzymes release in the intestine. It also helps lowering blood glucose levels that at times may make us want to eat too much.

As you can see, Cider Vinegar contributes directly to your well-being, while being more aromatic in flavour than the other kinds.


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Vinegar that keeps you healthy!

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