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Balsamic Vinegar (Spray Bottle)


With a deep brown colour and an aroma that is persistent, delicate and slightly acetic with woody overtones, this is a vinegar with a balanced sweet and sour flavour - these are the legislated characteristics that define the Balsamic Vinegar.  
This kind of vinegar is different from all the others not just by its colour but for its sweetish aroma (that might even include some caramel overtones in its consistency). The production process is also quite different, as it takes at least 12 years for a batch to be produced in the Italian city of Modena.
Modena's balsamic vinegar is much appreciated nowadays, and despite its price it is much sought after by the Portuguese consumers.
Aware of this market trend, Peninsular included in their range of vinegars a series of different balsamic vinegars in more economic formats. The bottling process has the quality seal from the IGP (certifying body).   
(Even though there is the possibility of using other kinds of wine and also despite the company's strict policy of using Portuguese raw materials only, Mendes Gonçalves opts for not copying and buys the products that are typical of each region - the same happens regarding the Balsamic Vinegar - giving priority to the products' quality and origins.)





Spray your salad!
Now you can spray the amount of vinegar you want with precision thanks to this great-looking and easy-to-use bottle! A brand new product with 11 different flavours that allow you to opt for variety in your dishes or leave it to your friends and family to choose what they want as soon as they get to the table. 



noticiasManuel Luis Goucha, Tânia Ribas de Oliveira, João Baião and Julia Pinheiro all loved the idea. How about you?




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