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Mayonnaise (675ml bottle)


Your cooking mayonnaise




Fresh, light, smooth, creamy and very tasty... that's how experts define Paladin's Mayonnaise. 
Who are they? The families. The mothers who name Paladin as their favourite, the fathers who get their "mayonnaise moustaches" and the children who get their hands all dirty and messy. And the chefs - those who love the consistency and creaminess of this product.
But how can we make mayonnaise?
First, gather the following ingredients:
500ml oil
10gr mustard
10gr salt
1gr white pepper
100gr whole eggs
20ml cider or white wine vinegar
Then, follow the instructions:
First, take the eggs out of the fridge so they adjust to the room temperature for a while. Mix all the ingredients in a tall glass, except for oil. Then, with the help of your hand blender, blend the mixture while adding oil until it thickens. As soon as your out of oil, season and take it to the fridge to preserve. 
Chef tip: if you are not happy with your mayonnaise, don't throw it away. Add more eggs and rectify the quantities of the other ingredients accordingly. 
But if you are in a rush and want your mayo ready... opt for Paladin!



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