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Did you read the article about us on the DN newspaper?

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Diario de Noticias - Mestres Vinagreiros querem mudar hábitos de consumo
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Mendes Gonçalves had the honour of being invited to the Made in Portugal project proposed by the Diário de Notícas newspaper, also appearing in the 1000 reasons we should be proud of Portugal list. After all, the Vinegar Masters are changing the consuming habits of the Portuguese, seasonings their lives with flavour!

Mushroom Festival

Peninsular Live Cooking

Peninsular Live Cooking - Festival dos Miscaros

The village of Alcaide received Peninsular and its products with arms wide open. The visitors loved the spray bottles and even delayed the famous Mushroom Rice lunch to listen to Chef André's cooking tips.


Even though it has been common in Europe for several years now, up until now you couldn't find hydrogenated olive oil in Portugal.

Packed in a container similar to that of butter, Mendes Gonçalves has brought to you a new form of olive oil. 

Azeite para Barrar

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Brentag Madrid "Mendes Gonçalves, a company that is small in size but enormous in spirit, explained that nothing will stop them from growing and creating even better products. The financial crisis does not scare them as long as they maintain a united team spirit and the passion for their products."                Read more >>
For those who didn't watch the documentary, we have the video that highlights some of the companies that, like Mendes Gonçalves, prioritise their innovative position towards the market.     watch the documentary >> Grande Reportagem SIC