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Mendes Gonçalves' Identity



Mendes Gonçalves is characterised by adapting to new settings with ease, which is possible due to its centralised decision-making structure, the organisation based on the concept of insourcing and also because of a young and flexible work team. This adaptability is valued by the clients (both national and international), whether it translates in new formulae, packaging or product labelling. 





With several quality certifications, Mendes Gonçalves aims to have all its operations running through strict quality policies - these excellence standards can only be possible with a team of professionals like ours.












Mendes Gonçalves is a family business that, despite its growth, still tries its best to maintain a close relationship with its clients and partners, instilling that kind of philosophy among the workers too.



The competitive edge Mendes Gonçalves can be proud of having stems from its policies that privilege innovation, something that will keep on being the company's strategy towards the market.

gosto de portugal


When buying raw materials, Mendes Gonçalves prioritizes Portugal in general and the Ribatejo region in particular. Figs are a good example of this - most of the figs used in vinegar production come from Torres Novas. In order to give strength to this ideology, m|g created a movement called "Portuguese Flavour". The efforts made by the company in the exporting sector are also something that enhances this feeling of "portugality", a feeling the company will try to spread along the four corners of the world.