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What is vinegar and where does it come from?


The word "vinegar" comes from the French "vinaigre", meaning "sour wine". By definition, vinegar is a product made exclusively through the processes of alcoholic and acetic fermentation from liquids or other natural substances (wine, fruit, etc.).


The process of producing vinegar is simple and natural, making it one of the most natural products in the world. No one knows when or where it first originated, but it was mentioned in the Holy Bible, which accounts for it to be at least approximately 2000 years old. Legend has it that it was first discovered when someone left a wine barrel open, leaving the product to sour.

Along with the existing types of vinegar, Mendes Gonçalves is always striving for innovation by creating new flavours, aromas and textures. Allow yourself to be seduced by the rainbow of vinegar!




Spray Bottle Vinegar


Gourmet Creative Vinegar

creative horeca

Creative Chef Vinegar


Aged Vinegar

Vinegar for Cruet-Stands



Wine and Fruit Vinegar



Our mission is to value vinegar by creating condiments with colour and flavour!

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