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What is ketchup?


Ketchup is a condiment obtained from tomato, which is peeled and has its seeds removed (when the sauce is not made from tomato pureé). Then vinegar, sugar, sal and other aromatic ingredients are added, such as spices, onions, etc..


Where does it come from?



Ketchup is a condiment made from tomato that is commonly used to season fast-food such as sandwiches and chips.
It is believed to have originated in China ("ketsiap" meaning "sauce") and was referred to as fish sauce. In Malaysia, another version of this sauce is called "kechap", meaning "taste!". When the British took it to the US the sauce was altered, tomato began to be part of the sauce basis and it was named "ketchup".



Ketchup for Sandwiches

Ketchup for Food Vending Trailers


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